Christopher M. Hearon Jr., Ph.D.

Post-doctoral Fellow, Cardiovascular Physiology,University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and Institute of Exercise and Environmental Medicine, Texas Health Presbyterian, Dallas


Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, 2012-2016
Ph.D. in Human Bioenergetics, mentor: Dr. Frank Dinenno

University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, 2010-2012
M.S. in Integrative Physiology, mentor: Dr. Douglas Seals

Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX, 2006-2010
B.S. in Health and Exercise Sport Science, minor Zoology, Cum Laude

Highlighted Publications

Hearon Jr. CM, Kirby BS, Crecelius AR, Luckasen GJ, Larson DG, Dinenno FA. Interaction between endothelium-dependent hyperpolarization and sympathetic vasoconstriction in the control of vascular tone in contracting muscle of humans. Journal of Physiology 2016; PMID: 27561916

Hearon Jr. CM, Dinenno FA. Regulation of skeletal muscle blood flow during exercise in ageing humans. Journal of Physiology 2016; PMID: 26332887

Hearon Jr. CM, Racine ML. Integration of vasodilatory stimuli in skeletal muscle vasculature: subtraction by addition? Journal of Physiology 2016; PMID: 27302381

Crecelius AR, Kirby BS, Hearon Jr. CM, Luckasen GJ, Larson DG, Dinenno FA. Contracting human skeletal muscle maintains the ability to blunt α¬1-adrenergic vasoconstriction during KIR channel and Na+/K+-ATPase inhibition. Journal of Physiology 2015; 593(12): 2735-51. PMID: 25893955

LaRocca TJ, Hearon Jr. CM, Henson GD, and Seals DR. Mitochondrial quality control in age-associated arterial stiffening. Experimental Gerontology 2014; 58: 78-82. PMID: 25034910

Current Studies

The effect of renal denervation on autonomic function and blood pressure regulation in patients with uncontrolled hypertension.

Impact of exercise training on metabolic, autonomic, and vascular function in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction

The effects of exercise training on cardiovascular function in individuals at high risk for the development of heart failure

Contact Info:

Christopher Hearon Jr.
Post Doctoral Research Fellow
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Institute for Exercise and Environmental Medicine
Presbyterian Hospital Dallas
7232 Greenville Avenue
Dallas, Texas 75231
Office: 214-345-4624