Presentation AHA National Meeting

American Heart Association Presentation
Tuesday November 6th 2012

Dr. Keri Shafer from the IEEM presented at the National AHA meeting results of research entitled “effects of Prolonged Exercise in Patients with Systemic Right Ventricles”. Her associates in the research are Graeme Carrick-Ranson PhD, Sina Rahmani MD, Dean Palmer MS, Kara Boyd MS, Naoki Fujimoto MD, PHD, Sheryl Livingston, RN, M. Beth Brickner MD, Lisa Forbess MD, Benjamin D. Levine, MD

Dr. Shafer explained the scope of the problem and risks of the condition. Adults with congenital heart disease have lower than predicted exercise tolerance. Low peak VO2 with exercise correlates with higher morbidity and mortality. The hypothesis is that patients with systemic right ventricles will be more likely to develop cardiac fatigue after exercise in comparison to those with systemic left ventricles.