Hemodynamics during Leg Heating in Peripheral Arterial disease (PAD)

(STU 122013-033)

This study is being done to understand the effect of immersing the legs in warm water on leg blood flow and blood vessel function in people diagnosed with peripheral arterial disease.

Inclusion Criteria

•Be man or women between the ages of 18 and 80 years.

•Healthy or diagnosed with peripheral arterial disease.

•Able to speak and read English.

Exclusion Criteria

•Neurological illness.

•Women who are pregnant or breast feeding.

•Current or past history of substance or alcohol abuse.


Participation in this study will require one visit lasting approximately 6 hours. You will lie on your back for the majority of the study and have your legs immersed in warm water for 30 minutes. Some of the study procedures in clude monitoring your heart rate and rhythm, blood pressure, body temperature and measuring blood flow. Qualified individuals will be compensated.

Contact Information

Contact Steven Romero, Ph.D. at 214.345.8841 or StevenRomero@TexasHealth.org
Qualified participants will be paid for their time.