Risk Reduction for Alzheimer's Disease (rrAD)

IRB 052016-076

The Risk Reduction for Alzheimer’s disease (rrAD) study is testing several strategies that may reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease in individuals at risk for the disease. The primary objective of this study is to test whether exercise combined with pharmacological reduction of vascular risk factors (i.e. blood pressure and cholesterol control) over a period of 2 years provides a greater benefit for neurocognitive function than either exercise or pharmacological treatment alone.

Study participants may receive:

•Medical treatment supervised by study physicians

•A 24 month supervised exercise program

•Information related to current health status

•Monetary compensation for your time

Qualifications of this research study are:

• Are between the ages of 60-85

• Have high blood pressure

• Have concerns about your memory or have a parent or sibling with a diagnosis of dementia

• Are willing to be randomly placed in one of the following study groups:

    1.Usual care by your physician

    2.Intensive medical management of blood pressure and cholesterol

    3.Aerobic exercise

    4.Aerobic exercise and intensive medical management of blood pressure and cholesterol

For more information on this trial, visit http://www.rradtrial.org/, or contact Ann Jacob at 214-345-4795 or AnnJacob@texashealth.org if you have any questions/concerns, or are interested in participating.