Midlife Brain Plasticity: Exercise and Vascular Function

IRB 042016-083

The “Midlife Brain Plasticity: Exercise and Vascular Function” study is testing whether regular aerobic exercise improves brain health in middle-aged adults. The goal of this project is to determine the effects of regular aerobic exercise on cognitive performance as well as brain structure, function, and vascular function in middle-aged adults. To address this question, we are currently recruiting male and female endurance athletes aged 45-64 years.

Study participants may receive:

• Cognitive function assessment

• Maximal oxygen consumption (VO2 max) test

• Brain MRI

• Cardiovascular health assessment

Qualifications of this research study are:

• Age between 45-64 years

• Endurance-trained males and females with a training history of ≥10 years

• No diabetes or smoking

• Pacemaker or other metal implant which precludes MRI

Please contact Taka Tarumi at 214-345-4670 or TakashiTarumi@texashealth.org if you have any questions/concerns, or are interested in participating.