Administrative – Clerical entry level positions support staff for other Administrative assistants. Advanced Administrative Assistants have specific areas of responsibility such as: office management, grants specialist, or clinic coordinator.

Accounting – entry level and Senior level accountants. Duties include requisition/check request review, supporting document acquisition , review, and retention. Monthly financial closing on funds accounts, reconciliation, and invoicing. Award budget development. Operational budget review and support of operational development process. Capital equipment inventory and budget development. Accounting degree required. (accnt Stf; accnt sr)

Manager of Research Programs THPD - CFO and COO duties supporting the IEEM. System expert in grants management policy. MBA required. (mgr rsrch pgrm ieem)

NEW! 2/2/2016 - AD Prevention Trial Clinical Research Project Manager . The Clinical Research Project Manager is a clinical research-specific position that is mission-critical to the management of large clinical research trials and/or multi-center clinical trials. The Clinical Research Project Manager is responsible for the overall operational planning, implementation, monitoring and closeout of a multi-center study which includes but is not limited to providing oversight of external vendors and collaborative sites, managing study execution, developing and maintaining study documents and timelines, forecasting and tracking study budget, and ensuring excellent communication and effective working relationships with internal team and external study vendors.

To apply, go to Then click“Careers”, “Search Jobs”, Type in Job ID: 75039.


MLS, MLT, Histo tech, Biochemistry lab supervisor. Staff have various roles to support clinical and research biochemistry and histology. (mlt; mls; supv. Lab)

Research Assistant, Associate, Senior, Supervisor - with qualifications ranging from entry level college student, medical student, BS, to MS in physiology or kinesiology. Performs work with human research subjects: recruitment, testing, or data analysis. Senior levels participate in project development, implementation and publication/presentation. The above titles reflect a career path to the leadership role. (asst rsrch; assoc rsrch lab; assoc rsrch Sr.; Supv. Lab Research)

Research RN - key team member for human subject safety. Performs duties with other team members including recruitment, testing, data base management and/ or publication/ presentation. (rn rsrch)

Postdoctoral Fellowship is by faculty initiated invitation only.

TO INQUIRE ABOUT POSITIONS AT THE IEEM GO TO THE TEXAS HEALTH JOB SITE and look in category (research, accounting, RN)